100 Days of Kindergarten

100 Days of Kindergarten

We Love the 100th Day of School!

Isn’t there just something magical about celebrating the 100th day? The children are so very excited, and it is fun to reflect on all the learning that has been accomplished in those 100 days. We have counted each school day by adding the number to our growing caterpillar and finally, we reached 100!

The children had a wonderful time sharing their “100 Days of School” projects with their classmates. It was fascinating for them to see the number “100” represented in so many different, unique ways. All of the projects were spectacular and can be seen displayed outside the kindergarten classroom.

The day was filled with many 100 days of school fun including; making “100 Days of School” headbands, counting 10 sets of 10 in our gumball machine, special “100 Days of School” snack, writing projects, trade books, songs, art activities and STEM projects.   

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