Middle school this year has been excitement left and right. Between preparations for high school, the many incredible assemblies such as the STEM speakers from Lockheed Martin to The Freedom riders, to
watching the students grow as individuals. Each one of the grades I teach have been working extremely hard and striving to be the best students they can be.

6th grade is one incredibly interesting year for the students. They are officially transferring into the middle school level and are beginning to take the first steps on the road to High School. Currently the 6th grade is learning about the Roman Empire. They are preparing to use the STEM process to create their own versions of the Colosseum. In Religion 6 th grade is beginning to prepare for Confirmation which they will be receiving in the Fall next school year.

7th grade is getting ready for the big 8 th grade year. They have currently finished their study on the American Revolution and are currently working towards the Alamo. During their study on the American Revolution the 7 th grade created awesome dioramas of a famous American Revolutionary war battle. In Religion class 7th grade is currently becoming more well rounded in their understanding of the Mass.

8th grade is going full steam ahead towards high school and they are showing from a social studies stand point they are ready to go to the next level. The 8 th grade is currently preparing to start studying about World War 2.

Middle school can be a tough time in the lives of a child, but the students of Mother Teresa Regional Catholic school seem ready and prepared for the challenge of the next level.

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