Meet our dynamic teachers

At MTC, our amazing teachers set high expectations for their students and do not give up on any child who is struggling to meet them.  They are equally organized and adaptable – both accountable to MTC’s curriculum standards and to the diversity of their classrooms.  Our teachers – rich in educational achievement, valuable certifications and deep experience in their respective fields / grade levels – challenge and engage students, forming creative thinking environments.  In turn they ask students to ask “why” and challenge the status quo.  They build classrooms forged in respectful relationships amongst the students and are acutely in tune with possible threats to children’s well being, be it bullying or otherwise.  Finally, our faculty insist on openness and transparency with parents, communicating often around performance, calendars, expectations, etc.

Denise Mueller
Director of Special Education
Meghan Bonkoski
PreK-3 and PreK 2
Deborah Natalini
Kindergarten A
Rose Schwegler
Kindergarten B
Sydney Coughlin
1st Grade (B)
Cassandra Scholl
4th Grade HR/ 4-5 Grade Science
Cynthia Sana
5th Grade HR, Math Grades 4-6, Religion Grades 4 & 5
Kevin Tamasitis
6th Grade/ Middle School Social Studies and Religion
Bryana Natale
7th Grade / Middle School ELA
Laura Gherca
8th Grade HR, Middle School Science, 8th Grade Religion
Sabrina Dwinnell
Math and Engineering
Monique Martello
Visual Arts and Technology
Zach Doll
Phys Ed

And thank the Lord for our Teachers’ Aides!

Gayle Crymes
PreK-3 Aide
Nikki Gannon
Kathy Wildemann
PreK 3
Paula Andersen
PreK 4



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