First Penance At Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School

First Penance At Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School

Over the weekend the MTC second graders who belong to Mother Divine Providence Parish received the Sacrament of Penance for the first time! The students in second grade worked very hard to prepare for this special occasion. They reviewed the order of Penance and examined their consciences almost every day in the classroom, which helped the students in feeling prepared for the sacrament.

Saturday morning, adorned in their “Sunday Best” and smiles, the second grade students and their families filled the church. It was truly magical to see their smiles after they received the sacrament and placed the lighted candle on the altar. They were proud of themselves for coming closer to God. As their teacher, I was honored to hand the boys and girls their certificates and candles and congratulate them on becoming stronger members of the Catholic Church. Overall, it was a great day to be a member of the MTC community.

            Next stop…First Holy Communion!!

By: Kristin McCarthy, MTC Second Grade Teacher


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