Four Reasons I’m Excited About MTC’s 2018-2019 School Year

Four Reasons I’m Excited About MTC’s 2018-2019 School Year

Four Reasons I’m Excited About MTC’s 2018-2019 School Year


By Christine Pagan


During “Back to School” time, pictures are posted on social media and receive comments such as “the kids look great!” and “time flies!” At Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School we share those sentiments in a number of ways.  It is a major responsibility and privilege to be entrusted to provide an education for your children and be able to watch them physically, emotionally, and spiritually grow.

The title of the “best school in Montgomery County” is an honor and reflects our standard of excellence.  I am entering my fourth year at MTC and my 26th year as an educator. Even for principals, time does indeed fly. It was only recently when one of my students at Temple University where I teach evening classes, asked me about my early years as a teacher did I realize I forgot my 25-year milestone!


But there is no need to throw me a belated party for my years in education. I’m much more excited about “the now” – the 2018-2019 school year.


One of the main things I hope to do this year is share why MTC is the best school in Montgomery County.

What better place to start than sharing Four Reasons I’m Excited About MTC’s 2018-2019 School Year.

1. STEM in bloom

MTC is a place where students experience a challenging curriculum to equip them with the tools to succeed in high school, college, and in their chosen careers. STEM occupations are growing at 17% and STEM degree holders earn a higher income even in non-STEM careers.

STEM education creates critical thinkers and my favorite part of the MTC Stem program is that the classrooms are vibrant atmospheres of hands-on activity, collaboration, and filled with excitement to learn.

Our Makerspace and tech labs are student favorites and we are enhancing our science labs. MTC’s science curriculum has already gone to the next level with aspects such as aquaponics and dissection.

2. A strong dedication

The students’ growth in academics and their faith is the reason the staff at MTC is dedicated to their profession. It’s incredibly rewarding and there are always students who surprise us with the leaps they make!

MTC’s staff has a wide range of experience and it’s a part of the foundation that makes us the best school in Montgomery County.

3. A diverse playlist for education

My ride-home-from-work playlist is filled with everything from Kenny Chesney, Alicia Keys, to Imagine Dragons. I enjoy a variety, and like I said earlier, I like lively!

Variety is major ingredient to our recipe for success at MTC and it’s literally music to my ears.

At MTC, we use technology as a tool for learning and it’s integrated in the classroom with 3-D images, virtual reality, and coding programs where students create video games.

Another type of “screen time” is our broadcast program where students create videos in front of a green screen.

And of course, there is music. MTC’s rock band plays Imagine Dragon songs (yes, they were surprised I knew who they were!). Soloists, piano players, the hand bell choir, and dancers all amaze me and I invite you to attend MTC’s talent show!

4. We are going to move mountains

Everyone at MTC is ready to do big things – “With Faith, we can Move Mountains”. For our personal life, it applies to working to better ourselves in all ways with love and generosity.

Mother Teresa was big on “finding your Calcutta and from there work.” Each of our grade levels has partnered with another grade level and chosen philanthropy for the year. It will be their Calcutta.

This is how Jesus Christ lived and this is who we follow. We can do big things right here in our school and in our community. Doing for others and spreading love to others where we live is why we have always believed we are the best school in Montgomery County.


These are just a few of the reasons I am excited about the 2018-2019 school year at MTC. Why are you excited? Email me at to let me know why you are excited about this school year and why MTC is the best school in Montgomery County.


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