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The Physical Education at Mother Teresa Catholic School offers all students the opportunity to live healthier lifestyles. Physical education, as part of the general educational program, contributes to each child’s total growth and development primarily through movement experiences. The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve and maintain a physically active and healthful life, not only during their time in school but for a lifetime. Developmentally appropriate skills and concepts are taught and ample opportunities are provided over time in an enjoyable and supportive environment to learn and practice these skills.  This is key to creating an atmosphere where students are motivated and successful in 
physical education.

The program focuses primarily on three areas: movement concepts, motor skills, and fitness concepts. Ball skills, conditioning, fitness, and confidence are also core to the curriculum. Individual units may vary slightly from school to school, however the basic concepts at MTC are the same and are aligned with national and state standards. MTC provides sufficient time and planned instruction in order for students to achieve proficient levels on the Pennsylvania Academic Standards in health, safety and physical education.

Children who are healthy and physically active increase their chances of achieving to their highest academic potential and are better able to handle the demands of today’s hectic schedules.


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