Literature with Miss Natalie

Literature with Miss Natalie

Literature with Miss Natalie

Within the past few months, Miss Natale’s Middle School Literature classes have been very busy! 6th, 7th and 8th Grade ended January with a webquest on Martin Luther King and begun February by celebrating Black History Month. Students learned about important figures and events in regard to the Civil Rights Movement. Having this knowledge is important as it is part of American History. It also helped students be more informed during their presentation from the Walnut Street Theatre called, “Freedom Riders.” Students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. While all of the Middle School Literature classes covered Black History Month, each grade began a new project for the month of March.

6th Grade is preparing for the TerraNovas, but Miss Natale wanted to make it interesting. Therefore, students pretended they were teachers! The entire class read a range of informational texts and fictionals stories and then, individually students created tests for the other students. Just wait until they have to grade the tests…it should be very interesting!

7th Grade is working on designing their own app! Each student in 7th grade addressed a problem they were having and then had to be innovative and come up with a solution. Whatever their solution was, it had to be paired with an online application. Students implemented the Engineer Design process. Miss Natale cannot wait to see the final product.

8th Grade is preparing for High School as they just finished Harper Lee’s classic, To Kill a Mockingbird. During this Unit Study, students often engaged in Socratic Seminars, where they had extremely insightful conversations. In the novel, symbolism is one of the major literary devices utilized. Therefore, students created objects that symbolizes something about themselves. The projects turned out fabulous.

Miss Natale is excited for the rest of the school year with 6th, 7th and 8th Grade!

Mrs. Leary’s First Grade is really thinking about Leprechaun’s in the month of March! We have been doing STEM in the classroom we decided to take it home! The students were asked to create a Leprechaun Trap at home with their families. They had to be the head engineers and teach their families what it takes to think like one! They were given a problem, criteria and specific materials. Once they create a trap to catch a Leprechaun they are to bring it to school! In school during out writers workshop period we are writing what we would do if we actually caught one! We just started our beginning process as writers and we are writing up a storm! There are many different ideas and thoughts going around IF we ACTUALLY caught a Leprechaun. We can’t wait to see what St. Patrick’s Day brings! 

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