Math with Miss K!

Math with Miss K!

It has been a fun-filled week in Miss K’s math classes. The 7th and 8th grade are both working on factoring polynomials. To reinforce the concepts, we play Basketball Review, where if the students get a question right, they can go and try to shoot a paper ball into our little basketball hoop trashcan. The 5th graders just finished a lesson on Integers and Order of Operations. They then had a Gallery Art Walk…Can you believe it? — an art walk in math class. They were each given a sheet of paper with an Order of Operations math problem on it. They solved it and then went around the room and appreciated (and checked) the other artwork on the wall. The fourth graders are finishing up their chapter on adding fractions and mixed numbers. They have been working so hard on finding the common denominator!


Miss Hannah Kobishop

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