Middle School Technology with Mrs. Martello

Middle School Technology with Mrs. Martello

Middle School students in 6th and 7th Grade have been working on Coding their own Historical Person Trivia Game. The 7th Grade students were asked to select a historical person from the American Revolution, in alignment with their current Social Studies curriculum. The 6th Grade students were able to choose from a broader scope of biographies. First, students selected their historical person and did research. They were asked to come up with 10 facts about their figure and write a first person narrative.  

Students searched and imported .jpeg images for the background scene as it pertained to the character, as well as a .jpeg file for the portrait of their character. Next, students used a Block Programming and Tynker software to begin coding their trivia game. The concept required the understanding of conditionals in programming, also known as the “if, then or else” statement that affects the outcome of the coding. Students asked the trivia question and programming for multiple outcomes, assuming the player selects the correct or incorrect answer. They also included an “Add” feature to change the point totals and play music.  

Overall students were very engaged during the research portion of the project and during the prospect of coding and controlling how their trivia game functions. Students were impressed with the ability to toggle back into how their code looks in Javascript and how many lines of code they wrote. We are very fortunate to have access to this software and the ability to introduce computer science in our curriculum. It is extremely important for students to have the early building blocks of how to write code and how to create and innovate with technology.   

Below is the link to view and play some of our Trivia games, Enjoy!

http://www.tynker.com/showcase/ebnithVC – 7th grade
http://www.tynker.com/showcase/167bQDwA– 6th grade

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