MTC First Grade Video For Martin Luther King Day

MTC First Grade Video For Martin Luther King Day

Our first grade celebrated Martin Luther King Day, by suggesting ways in which they could follow in his footsteps. Each first grader came up with a unique dream of how they can impact the world in a positive light.

Garrett Heinrich wrote his dream for the world is to help make it a better place by his kind deeds. Seamus Bordic says his dream is that all the garbage in the world would be recycled. Sofia Capone added that her dream for the world is for everyone to have a good life. Sofia Kletsoun dreams that all people can live in peace. These were just a few of the outstanding dreams the first grade came up with. 

Here is a short clip of a few more of our dreams filmed in the technology lab in front of the green screen.

(Special thanks to Mrs. Martello for making two first grade teachers’ dreams come true)

Feel free to take a walk past the first grade rooms to see all of our dreams displayed during the Catholic Schools Week open house. 

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