Second grade Flat Stanley Project

Second grade Flat Stanley Project

This year, the second grade class is participating in the Flat Stanley Project. The project began when Miss Walsh read the book Flat Stanley, written by Jeff Brown, to her class. In the story, a young boy named Stanley is flattened when a bulletin board falls onto him. Stanley is now flat but otherwise fine! Stanley quickly learns that one of the perks of being flat is that he can easily be stuffed into an envelope and sent anywhere in the world.

Each student in second grade made their very own Flat Stanley. The students were challenged to reach out to a friend or relative from another town, state or country and send them their Flat Stanley. Once Flat Stanley arrives to his new location, his host family will show Stanley around and write about their time together. After a quick visit, Stanley is sent back to school to be with his class again!

Once Stanley returns, the students get to read all about his adventures! Many of our Flat Stanleys have returned with postcards, souvenirs or mementos from his trip. Our favorite part about receiving a Flat Stanley back is when we get to place a star on our world or state map to track where Stanley has been. So far Stanley has seen places like New Jersey, Michigan, Croatia, Turks and Caicos and Washington, DC. Some of our Stanleys are still vacationing in places like Brazil, Italy and Australia!

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