Strategic Pillar: Environment

Strategic Pillar: Environment

As part of the MTC 2015-2020 strategic plan, we recognize the criticality of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your children.  To do this we are committed to communicate and enforce a consistent standard of discipline and conduct to promote a learning environment rooted in respect.

Implement, evaluate, and maintain an anti-bullying program that fosters a culture of dignity and respectDesignate a teacher or staff member to coordinate the implementation and evaluation of an anti-bullying program
Communication from the principal to parents about bullying policies and programs
Promote an environment of collective responsibility for MTC’s success and build a sense of community and collaborationFormalize a handbook for families discussing clear expectations regarding daily school operations
Conduct an assessment to coordinate a comprehensive safety and security plan for continued reviewObtain the assistance of a safety expert and local law enforcement to evaluate policies and systems
Empower the school safety committee
Identify and monitor key facility and improvement opportunities in collaboration with MDP
Safe Environment

To our generous community and future volunteers, please be aware that you must have all safe environment clearances prior to any volunteer work involving our students. All steps can be completed online except the “Protecting God’s Children” workshop.

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Maintaining Our Safe Environment


As clergy, staff or volunteers of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, WE are the first line of defense in the Archdiocese’s commitment to keep the children entrusted in its care safe from abuse. Archdiocesan policy requires that volunteers (unpaid) that have any possible contact with or responsibility for children, even if it is a one-time event, need background checks. (Example: chaperone for field trip, homeroom mom, teacher’s helper, school store volunteers, Secret Santa Volunteers, etc.)

Mrs. Meghan Bonkoski leads our Safe Environment Clearance process and would like you to feel free to get in touch with her at any time via email.  She has put together a very comprehensive document that explains all of the steps,  forms, training, etc. that you must complete before beginning any paid or volunteer service in which you would be responsible for the welfare of a child or have direct contact with children:

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Catholic Faith
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  • Expand the devotion and tradition of the Church.
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  • Achieve, measure and market a high academic standard.
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  • Develop an active, organic and multichannel communications process that connects students, faculty, parents and the local community.
Fiscal Health
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  • Maintain a balanced budget, grow an investment account, upgrade facilities and programs while aiming to mitigate pressure for tuition increases.


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