The new is here!

The new is here!

MTC is pleased to present you the new!  We have worked all summer to give the site a freshening up and make it work more interactively for parents, teachers, students and prospective families.  It is built around a focus on content, so expect to see a lot more new, homegrown information on and insights into Catholic education and the day-to-day happenings at MTC.

Some of our favorite new features


Here you will find insightful contributions from teachers, students, parents, our Pastors, external experts and community members across a range of topics centered around Catholic education.

Events Calendar

The paper calendars are now a supplement to this right, online, up-to-date events calendar.  Here you will find more descriptive information, links to ticket sales where applicable, contact information and more.


The MTC Marketplace is an online, e-commerce platform where MTC staff and faculty members can list “wish list” items, fundraising goals and where we can accept general donations to fund our strategic plan.

Where to begin

The best place to start when familiarizing yourself with the new website is the main menu.  This is visible throughout the website at the top of the page and will remain visible as you scroll down through site pages.  Within each main heading there are sub-menus that should logically lead you to all of our key information and pages.  Another excellent way to find content is through the universal search functionality.  Below the homepage slider (the main, large, animated images near the top) as well as in the header section of all other pages, you can type into the search bar and press Enter, then you will be presented with pertinent results.


Register for a richer experience allows you to create an account in order to have a more personalized experience with our website.  We recommend that you register, i.e. create your account, right away for a few reasons.  When you are logged in to, here are some of the things you can do:

  • Make comments on blog posts to create or take part in a rich, community-wide conversation
  • Save payment and shipping details within the MTC Marketplace
  • Create content (e.g. blog posts) if you have volunteered and been approved to do so
  • Sign-up and buy tickets for our larger, managed events
  • View any content that is determined to be for MTC families only

Get social!

Most of our content – blog posts, key events and schedule changes, class portfolios, etc. – will also be published where appropriate via our main social platforms: Facebook (School and HASA pages), Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.  A Pinterest page will be coming in the future.  Make sure to connect with, friend, network (and just generally Love) us on those sites too!

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