Going for GOLD! 2016 MTC FUND RUN

Going for GOLD! 2016 MTC FUND RUN

Going for GOLD! 2016 MTC FUND RUN

It is time for the 3rd annual MTC Fund Run! This is an exciting event where MTC students participate in a “run” to raise funds for EDUCATIONAL ENHANCEMENTS, we ask for your assistance to reach sponsors and it is easy!!

We are excited to partner with pledgetrac.com for our upcoming “Fund Run”.


The MTC Fund Run this year will be an Olympic Theme and will be held on April 29th. To get the students in the Olympic spirit, each class has chosen a country. They will be learning more about the country they represent and will be decorating classroom doors accordingly.


                                              PreK-3: India                                                          PreK-4 A: Germany

                                              PreK-4 B: USA                                                        TK: Japan

                                              K-A: Great Britain                                                  K-B: Brazil

                                              1st grade: Italy                                                       2nd grade: Mexico

                                              3rd grade: Russia                                                  4th grade: Australia

                                              5th grade: France                                                  6th grade: Ireland

                                              7th grade: South Africa                                       8th grade: China


Students are invited to help design the Fund Run tshirt. Submissions are due April 8th. Click here for the details. The winning design will be on the colored shirt that families can order. We will be tracking the laps on the back of the shirt the day of our run. Orders are due on April 12th. Download order form here.

  Join us in making this Fund Run an Olympic Event!


To pledge your support follow the directions below and share with your family and friends. You can also click her for the flyer.

Register at www.pledgetrac.com by “LOGIN” with our event code:  cpsdmrg3

  • Register family name utilizing the youngest or only child in school.
  • Utilize parent or guardian birthdate and email,
  • you must be at least 18 years old.
  • Once registered, your user name and password will provide access to your personal dashboard. From YOUR dashboard you can then send “emails” and track donations!
  • Don’t forget to send yourself an email to get donations started!!!
  • After 10 days, track your donations and send reminder emails.
  • PRIZES…. An exciting incentive package is on its way!

If any donations are made from states outside of Pennsylvania, please send a note in to your child’s classroom teaching stating where the donation can from. We want a donation from every state in America!

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to still send in a donation in cash or check, you are welcome to do so!

Thank you in advance for all of your support!

Let’s go for the GOLD!


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